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Thanks for stopping by. So what's this all about?

Basically, madoi is a business consultancy and product development firm. But more importantly, madoi is an attempt to find "a better way" to work, connect, and live in the 21st century--as companies, as clients, and as human beings. Those that join madoi in this mission are part of its "happy circle".

Madoi values the creative spirit and the incredible achievements that can come out of collaborative and mutually respectful relationships. Madoi also understands and embraces technology as a means to innovation, efficiency, and scale. Madoi seeks opportunities where it can realize new value through the application of creativity, community, and technology. Sometimes madoi does this for its clients. Other times, it works on behalf of its own venture portfolio.

So why do we think this will work? Well, to some extent it already has. It's a model that's time has come.

This blog will be about things that fit into the madoi aesthetic in some way. It will discuss things like new business models, technology, and design and will explore their impacts on culture, society, government, and law.